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Construction site efficiency

Construction site management can make a huge difference to the success and cost of a development project. Our expert teams can help you to maximise construction site performance and minimise waste, using approaches and tools such as:


CALIBRE is a measurement tool developed from our extensive experience of measuring and assessing the productivity of innovative methods of construction in housing and other sectors. The CALIBRE toolkit primarily uses ‘real time' performance monitoring to measure on-site efficiency and assess construction productivity and performance. The monitoring process is simple in use and does not interfere with the task being undertaken.


More than 100 companies have improved the efficiency of their site processes by applying Lean principles with the help of our CLIP (Construction Lean Improvement Programme) team. A CLIP engineer works with your team on site to help you examine your processes, identify and eliminate waste and make time, material and financial savings and service improvements.


SMARTWaste provides a flexible online reporting platform that is suitable to all company types and sectors. So whether you are a client, or contractor, the building owner/operator or occupier, SMARTWaste can help your business manage and reduce your waste outputs, impacts and costs.

 Our web based tool helps to:

  • Save time in tracking and reporting against your company sustainability targets
  • Ability to compare your regional and project performance
  • Access to all your project information in one place
  • Reduce your waste, energy and water costs
  • Set and monitor your targets to reduce your site based impacts
  • Obtain BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes credits

Training - we offer training and consultancy services on all aspects of site waste management.