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Construction Productivity

Improve your processes and your profitability with CLIP and Calibre

There's never been a more important time for construction companies and contractors to have a thorough look at the way they do things and see whether improvements can be made that would not only enhance their productivity but also their profitability.

Advice from our process engineers on the Construction Lean Improvement team has helped more than 100 companies to successfully improve the efficiency of their on site processes.  The CLIP engineer works with a  team on site, helping it examine processes, identify and eliminate waste and make time, material and financial savings and service improvements.

For quantitative measurement of on site processes, BRE has a tool Calibre which monitors "real time" performance to measure on-site efficiency and objectively assess actual construction productivity and performance on a given project from the start right through to completion. The Calibre monitoring process is simple in use and is undertaken without interfering with the task being undertaken.