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Martin Townsend

Director of Sustainability

Martin has a diverse professional background ranging from advising UK Ministers, as a Regulator in his time at the Environment agency, to working on many construction sites. Martin joined BRE (Global) as Director of BREEAM in 2008 to drive BREEAM forward not just in the UK market, but also internationally. Martin works closely with the construction industry bringing sustainability issues alive for companies' right across Social, Economic and Environmental agenda

Martin has set himself the challenge as Director to:-

  • Accelerate and broaden the uptake of BREEAM tools throughout the industry;
  • Make BREEAM tools increasingly more challenging as fast as the market will bear
  • Focus BREEAM development on market priorities and respond quickly and appropriately to market feedback;
  • Encourage and learn innovation in the UK and internationally
  • Capture and benchmark best practise and disseminate that learning
  • Ensure BREEAM tools are developed and managed in an open and transparent way;

Martin offers both a UK and an international perspective on construction. Martin has addressed and briefed Ministers of State and several other major fora on the environment and sustainable construction in particular.