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Insurance & risk management

Confidence in the safety, security and efficiency of the buildings and structures they insure.

Based on our long association with the insurance industry, we work closely with insurers to develop assessment and approval systems that will give them - and building managers - confidence in the safety, security and efficiency of the buildings and structures they insure.

Specifying and using approved products and services can help manage fire safety and security risks, and demonstrate due diligence.

Fire safety - correctly specifying and installing fire safety components, such as fire resisting products, fire detection and alarm products, systems and cables and fire suppression systems, is critical to protecting people and property. By using product and services from the Red Book list of LPCB approved products and services, building managers can have confidence that their buildings are safe - and this can lead to lower insurance premiums. 

Security - LPCB Red Book listed security products - such as physical building measures and barriers, electronic detection and surveillance systems, safes and computer protection equipment - provide assurance to insurers and building users that the risks to the building and its contents have been minimised.

Risk assessment - we offer expert consultancy on assessing risks associated with the design and use of buildings, and services (including training) in carrying out fire risk assessments required by fire regulations.

Testing - our extensive facilities and expertise enable to us to test the efficacy and reliability of all fire safety and security products, including those under development or new to the market.