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We offer government a unique source of existing construction industry knowledge and a state-of-the-art research facility able to generate new information.

As both a unique source of existing construction industry knowledge and a state-of-the-art research facility able to generate new information, we offer national and local government, the EU and non-UK governments, invaluable expertise in all aspects of the built environment. 

We also offer an assurance of absolute impartiality through our ownership by the BRE Trust, a charitable organisation representing a broad spectrum of the industry and therefore independent of any sectoral bias. Examples of the services we provide include:

Research - our leading-edge facilities enable us to carry out research needed for the continuous development of UK Building Regulations, in areas such as fire safety, building-occupant interaction and structural performance.

Consultancy - we advise government on wide ranging built environment issues, for example, the actions needed to meet targets such as the 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050 in the UK. Our fire experts carry out independent fire investigations under contract to Communities and Local Government in support of the Building Regulations.

Certification and testing - we provide independent, third-party certification of fire, security and environmental products and services. A wide range of testing facilities, including Europe's largest fire testing facility and a comprehensive structural testing hall, enable us to carry out product performance and development testing.

Sustainability services - as the developers of BREEAM we have outstanding expertise and experience in sustainability issues. With government support we have extended the BREEAM family to include specific schemes for healthcare building, educational premises and communities. Our EcoHomes scheme formed the basis for the Code for Sustainable Homes.

House condition surveys - we conduct the UK House Condition Surveys, which provide data that can be used to advise on housing stock conditions and the likely impacts of particular housing strategies - such as the increased use of renewable energy - on sustainability targets.

Energy training - we provide training for building regulation compliance related to energy certification for building throughout the UK.