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Ventilation measurement services

Providing the correct level of ventilation in buildings is important for occupant health, comfort and productivity, as well as for energy efficiency.

This is especially true in urban areas where it is necessary to balance the efficiency, energy use and sustainability of building ventilation systems, while simultaneously avoiding problems arising from overheating, noise ingress and poor air quality (from either external pollutant ingress, or the poor ventilation of internally generated pollutants).

Measuring ventilation

Over the past three decades BRE has gained much experience in the use of various tracer gases for measuring ventilation in a wide range of buildings, including houses, schools, hospitals, offices and industrial premises. BRE has also developed the passive PerFluorocarbon Tracer (PFT) technique for measuring ventilation in large and complex buildings.

We can measure ventilation rates over different periods as needed:

  • Short-term measurements (typically ~ 1 hour): these provide a ‘spot-check' of the ventilation rate to indicate compliance with regulations. They can also be used to investigate the effect on ventilation rates of changes in the building operation, for example opening vents, trickle-vents and windows, and altering fan speeds.
  • Long-term measurements (1-4 week periods): these provide time-averaged ventilation rates including all effects arising from occupants, i.e. opening windows and doors, using extract fans, etc.

New, environmentally-friendly tracers

Many traditional ventilation tracers are being withdrawn from use by government due to their high Global Warming Potential. We have recently developed a range of more environmentally-friendly tracers for building ventilation monitoring, enabling us to continue to provide a ventilation measurement service to our clients. 

Good performance

Ensuring a building's ventilation system is performing as it was designed to is very important, as it helps to save money and prevent building users from becoming dissatisfied. See Post-occupancy evaluation for more information on how we can help with this.

We also carry out airtightness testing and provide testing on HVAC systems.