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BRE National Solar Centre (NSC)

Supporting solar to grow, innnovate and thrive

BRE have been delivering research and providing guidance on solar PV technologies since 1976.  In 2013, BRE established the National Solar Centre (NSC) in order to specialise our solar services into a commercial offering for UK and International customers.  Our remit is to provide robust, unbiased advice to the solar industry and its clients.

The NSC has a dedicated team of solar professionals with a wealth of experience, ranging from the practical nuts and bolts of solar PV installation, through technical consultancy and project planning, to advising the government on policy.  The tam are actively engaged in activities, helping to shape the strategic development of solar in the UK and Internationally.

The core team is based at the Eden Project in Cornwall.  But our services are also represented at BRE's Head Office in Watford and regional offices in East Kilbride and Swansea.  We add value by linking with experts across BRE's multidisciplinary activities, as required, for example on product testing, certification and fire investigation.  


BRE National Solar Centre

Foundation Building
Eden project
St Blazey
PL24 2SG