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NSC Advisory Services

Independent technical advice to support solar projects at all scales

Solar experts

The NSC team has a wealth of solar expertise on a diverse range of solar projects – this includes roof and ground mounted projects, as well as “smart solar” technologies like energy storage and approaches to grid access.


Who can benefit from NSC services?

We work with local authorities, housing associations, private sector end users, community projects, investors, developers and main contractors on all aspects of solar PV project development.

We assist all of the above groups in relation to solar and related technologies. Our clients include schools, offices, former landfill sites, factories, domestic properties and community energy developments.


NSC Advisory Service

The BRE NSC helps you maximise your investment with independent due diligence and technical expertise covering all technical aspects of your solar project.

Whatever the scale or nature of your solar application, we provide tailored, flexible exprtise on development support, technical due diligence, fault investigation, performance evaluation, product testing and certification (including MCS provided through BRE Global). 


NSC Services

We can ensure you fully understand all factors affecting your development to help you mitigate technical risks and keep abreast of full system performance throughout the project lifecycle.

NSC experts can:

  • Assess the energy potential of your site
  • Optimise performance in terms of energy yields, capacity and access to grid
  • Evaluate financial viability and analyse long term yield of your development
  • Assess technical feasibility and develop a technical specification to maximise generation
  • Evaluate system design, installation and integration to optimise performance
  • Identify technical risks and system inefficiencies that might affect profitability
  • Diagnose faults, advise on fault prevention and identify remedial solutions to protect your installation
  • Provide expert witness and technical expert services

Contact us to see how the NSC can support your solar project.

Case Study

PEC Case Study

To find out more or sign up to our newsletter email: nsc@bre.co.uk

To discuss how we can work to support you please give us a call: +44 (0)1726 871830


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