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NSC Research and Development

Centre of excellence for solar innovation in the UK

Our research unites valuable knowledge and experience from industry, universities, business and other research organisations to promote industry cohesion, growth and fuel continuous improvement in product quality.

Focused on open collaboration, we engage in a wide range of research projects to enabling the solar industry to develop and thrive. 

Through our research we collaborate widely to create an evidence-based foundation for future solar technologies, installers and financiers.  As a respected voice for the solar sector, our investigations provide independent, scientifically robust information, research and analysis.

Our focus is on generating knowledge, increasing marketplace confidence and helping the industry capitalise on a wealth of commercial and sustainability opportunities.

Current projects:

This is a research project with partners British Solar Renewables and Western Power Distribution.  It is funded via the Low Carbon Networks Fund (LCNF)

Completed projects:

Development of a national map representing predicted solar yield levels for improved performance prediction. Development of short terms (1 to 3 day) electricity yield forecasts for large scale solar systems (ground mount and large roofs)

  • Domestic PV field trial

The BRE's portfolio of definitive reports, investigations and guidance on the subject of solar energy can be found in Our Library

To find out more or sign up to our newsletter email: nsc@bre.co.uk

To discuss how we can work to support you please give us a call: +44 (0)1726 871830


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