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published: 13/10/2014
This press release is over six months old and the details may have been superseded. Please contact the Press Office for the latest information.

BRE Trust confirms continued support for its University Centres of Excellence

The BRE Trust, the largest UK charity dedicated specifically to research and education in the built environment,announces it is set to continue its investment in Centres of Excellence at four UK-based universities as well as one in Brazil.

Today’s announcement secures the future of crucial research currently being carried out at: the BRE Centre for Energy Utilisation, University of Strathclyde, the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering, University of Edinburgh, the BRE Centre for Computational Analysis, Cardiff University, the BRE Centre for Integrated and Sustainable Communities, University of Brasilia and the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials , University of Bath

Since the BRE Trust research programme was created in 2006, it has funded over 140 PhD studentships, 75 staff and a portfolio of more than £40m research which has been completed or is currently underway.

Dr Deborah Pullen MBE, BRE Group Research Director said “From the outset our aim with the university centres has been to grow an invaluable UK and international research resource to drive positive change in a global built environment beset with significant challenges like climate mitigation and adaption, a rapidly increasing population and diminishing resources. Our five centres have used the base funding from BRE and maximised the opportunity by drawing in industry partners and other international funding streams that broaden the reach and scope of the research they carry out – we are pleased to continue to support their endeavours’ 

In the last year three new Chairs have been appointed, Professors Albert Simeoni, Joe Clarke and Raquel Blumenschein at the Universities of Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Brasilia, respectively. All bring a proven track record in research excellence and international standing in their respective communities, which will provide new strength, energy and leadership to the collective force of the centres. Continued collaboration will enhance the ultimate impact that their research will have on the built environment via the partnership with BRE.

Set up in 2002 to advance knowledge, innovation and communication for public benefit, the BRE Trust uses all profits made by the BRE Group to fund new research and education programmes that will help to meet its goal of building a better world together. Over the course of the year, the Trust will commission further research into the challenges faced by the built environment and publish project findings which act as authoritative guidance to the construction industry.

For further information please contact Linda McKeown, BRE, tel 01923 664569,email mckeownl@bre.co.uk 


BRE University Centres of Excellence

In collaboration with industry and academia, the BRE Trust provides funding to support research carried out at six BRE University Centres of Excellence, bringing rigorous science to solve the challenges facing the built environment.

Each Centre of Excellence focuses on a specific area of the built environment which has been selected to complement the specialist areas that exist at BRE. These are:

Research areas include: advanced and natural composites, low carbon materials, timber, concrete, steel and masonry

Research areas include: dynamic simulation, building controls, energy demand, carbon reduction, low carbon offices, intelligent controls, energy reduction in homes

Research areas include building fire response modelling and the development of new , design, materials, structures and fire protection systems

Research areas include: resilience of the built environment, assisted living/ageing population, renewable energy for the domestic sector, low carbon design

Research and development of tools and services that enable the creation, delivery and maintenance of a more integrated and sustainable built environment.

The BRE University Centres of Excellence have supported 130 PhD students, 49 full-time equivalent staff and 40 research associates, all carrying out cutting-edge research to improve our understanding of the built environment and how users interact with it.

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