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First-class facilities and expertise addressing a wide range of lighting issues.

Successful lighting depends on a balance of natural daylighting, electric lighting and integrated control systems that will complement the building design and support business activities. With experienced experts and first-class facilities, we can help with all lighting issues, including:

Natural lighting - advice on window design, measuring daylight, solar shading, and avoiding excessive solar heating and glare. We also help with designing site layouts to optimise daylighting, and with issues such as the right to light, overshadowing, and the effects of trees on daylight and sunlight. Our experts assist with planning and legal issues, and offer expert witness services.

Lighting systems - we offer design assessment, prototype evaluation and product development services, along with advice on integrated lighting systems, low energy lighting, control systems and the performance of new technologies and innovative lighting strategies.  

Occupant needs - with the quality of a building's lighting profoundly impacting on its occupants and their activities, we provide expert consultancy on the appearance of lit spaces, lighting requirements for work and for VDUs, and the selection of appropriate lighting controls. Our post occupancy evaluation services establish whether lighting performance targets are being met, gather occupant views on comfort levels and identify any problem areas.

Latest Report - Lighting & Health, August 2015

Lighting & Health Report Lighting can affect the health of people in buildings. This goes beyond the safety aspects of providing enough illumination to see by; lighting affects mood and human circadian rhythms, while poor lighting can, in principle, cause glare, headaches, eyestrain, skin conditions and various types of sight loss.

This publication reviews existing research on the health effects of lighting (including daylighting) typically found in buildings. It explains medical and psychological research in a clear and accessible way using questions such as: Can LEDs keep you awake at night and damage your brain? Can special lighting help people with dementia? 

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Lighting & Health - Download the Infographic