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Infrared thermography

Uses thermal imaging to determine the thermal performance of buildings

Infrared thermography is the cience of acquisition and analysis of thermal information from non-contact thermal imaging devices. It identifies heat loss from buildings

BRE offers thermal imaging of building fabric according to BS EN13187 and BRE 176. Our Thermographers hold Level 2 certification in Thermography and we use advanced thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal imaging of building fabric helps to;

  • Identify areas of missing/defective insulation
  • Identify thermal bridges
  • Identify areas at risk from mould and condensation
  • Demonstrate compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations
  • Provide quality control following the installation of cavity wall insulation
  • Satisfy requirements for BREEAM Assessments (Management  Man 01: Sustainable procurement ) which states;
    • The main contractor accounts for a thermographic survey within the project budget and programme of works.
    • Once construction is complete a thermographic survey of the building fabric is undertaken in accordance with the appropriate standard and by a professional holding a valid Level 2 certificate in thermography.