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Building new and better homes

Our expert housing team can advise you on issues at every stage in the lifecycle of a house - design, construction, performance and end of life - and on its community, infrastructure and environment.

Concept and design of the:

House, including the use of new, innovative building systems, materials and products to develop cost effective, low carbon, well lit and ventilated homes that provide excellent fire safety and security, and which will comply with regulatory and Code for Sustainable Homes requirements.

Community including BREEAM Communities, crime reduction and sustainability, and produce effective road layouts, traffic control, pavement design and street furniture.

Construction - we work with house builders and social housing providers on the efficient construction of high quality, fit-for-purpose, energy efficient homes with minimal waste.

Performance - we monitor the performance of the UK housing stock and have wide ranging data that can be used to advise housing managers on the conditions of their stock and the impacts of improvements.
For example:

  • a Housing Association may want to know the impact of installing cavity wall insulation - the carbon reduction and energy cost savings,
  • the Government may want to know the impact of a particular housing strategy - such as increased renewable energy use - on its targets for cutting carbon emissions.

We also conduct post-occupancy evaluations on homes, for example, to examine what living in an innovative new type of house is like, and whether it delivers its sustainability, etc targets.

Refurbishment - much existing housing must be upgraded if sustainability target are to be met. We can advise on all aspect of this, for example, using energy modelling (also useful in housing design) to ensure energy efficient refurbishment.

End of Life - the efficient reuse, recycling and disposal of building materials.