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With its devastating and deadly consequences, fire in buildings and infrastructure is a crucial but complex issue, and one that attracts close regulatory scrutiny.

Our hugely experienced team of experts can help you to navigate these complexities and regulations. From fire safety design and product specification, to fire suppression and investigation, we can help with issues such as:

Design- fire engineering helps architects to offer design solutions that minimises fire risks in buildings and transport systems. Having been involved in developing fire safety engineering guidance and associated standards and codes, we are ideally qualified to help you with all stages of project design and implementation.

Specification - specifying products and services that meet set criteria for reducing fire risk.  Our Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and government for over 100 years to set the standards necessary to ensure that fire products and services work effectively. The LPCB Red Book lists all LPCB approved products and services and has become the industry's de-facto specification guide.

Assessment- businesses and organisations must carry out fire risk assessments on their buildings. We helped CLG to draft a number of its assessment guidance documents. This expertise can now help you to carry out fire safety reviews and risk assessments, both during design and after completion or occupation, and to develop your fire safety strategy.

Research, testing and investigation - we have world-class test and research facilities, and a fifty-year history of fire investigations and expert witness services.

Training - our experts provide training courses covering a broad spectrum of topics from cutting-edge research to existing legislation and fire risk assessment training. Many of the courses are recognised by industry bodies and provide Continuing Professional Development credits.

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