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Construction Products Regulation - helping you understand your obligations for CE Marking - This event has already finished

17 September 2013
BRE, Watford

Details :

This half day event will provide you with an overview of the new EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) which, from 1st July 2013 will replace the Construction Products Directive.

Any construction product covered by a relevant harmonised technical specification which is placed on the market in the UK or other European Economic Area (EEA) member state must have a declaration of performance and carry the CE marking; even if the product is an established one. This is a legal requirement and applies to manufacturers, importers, or distributors of affected construction products placed on the market in the EEA. Most EEA member states have had compulsory CE marking of construction products for over a decade. In the UK this has been entirely voluntary unless products are exported to member states that require CE marking. The requirement to draw up a declaration of performance and to affix the CE marking to construction products is likely to have a significant impact on many UK manufacturers.

Additionally, Sustainability is a new element as Basic Requirement 7 of the CPR states 'The construction works must be designed to ensure sustainable use of environmentally compatible raw and secondary materials, durability and reuse or recyclability of materials after demolition.’

The requirement of ‘Fire’ is a common theme across most construction products and this event will include a presentation on that element.

Manufacturers will also need to be aware of the relevant harmonised technical specifications and regulatory requirements applicable to their construction product, both for the UK and if they export to other member states then for those member states as well. This event will inform delegates about the requirements of the CPR, how to identify whether CE Marking is applicable to a construction product and to establish the CE marking requirements of a construction product.

Event programme

09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcome from the Chair
09:40 CPR explained
10:10 Fire performance and CE Marking
10:40 Sustainability and the CPR
11:10 Refreshment break
11:30 How to identify the CE Marking requirements for a manufacturer of a construction product
12:00 Case study of a CE Marking project by a manufacturer
12:30 Q&A Session

Event close


Intended audience

BRE provides important information on the requirements of the CPR and a background in Sustainability and the various tools available to help manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate compliance with the requirements.

This course would be suitable for anyone who manufactures construction products and imports/exports in Europe and also construction professionals who import goods into or around Europe.

For more information:
Gemma Davis
01923 664800