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BREEAM Accredited Professional Workshop / Examination - This event has already finished

16 January 2013
BRE Watford

This route to become a qualified BREEAM AP is only to applicable to Licensed BREEAM Assessors who meet the minimum entry requirements of the scheme.

Details :

Please click here for Routes to this qualification for other candidates.  Contact: BRE Training +44 (0) 333 321 88 11 train@bre.co.uk for further details.  

Why attend?

  • In recognition of the significant contribution a BREEAM AP can make to the design process, up to three BREEAM 2011 credits are available if a BREEAM AP is engaged from an appropriate point in a project (due to the changes in the 2011 scheme document structure, this weighting is slightly less than in BREEAM 2008 however the real contribution comes from the AP advice given to increase the BREEAM score)
  • Qualified and licensed AP's will be able to use the BREEAM AP logo and are eligible for inclusion on www.greenbooklive.com.
  • Enhance your standing as a leading professional specialising in sustainability and environmental design and open up new fee earning potential.  


  • BREEAM is recognised nationally and internationally as the most robust and rigorous method for assessing the environmental performance of buildings.
  • There is increasing client demand for higher BREEAM ratings for new-build and refurbishment projects.
  • Clients recognise that reducing environmental impact makes clear business sense.
  • The challenging economic climate is also focussing attention on the need to manage construction and operating costs, improve productivity and protect the bottom line.

Professionals with specialist knowledge of sustainability and environmental design are taking the lead in helping design teams meet these client expectations. BREEAM is an "assessor led" process through which designers submit evidence to an accredited individual who assumes no design responsibility.  Until now there has been no way for designers themselves to claim a high level of competence with BREEAM other than by association with completed BREEAM Excellent buildings or by qualifying as a BREEAM Assessor.

The BREEAM Accredited Professional qualification is a response to industry calls to fill this gap by recognising specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design combined with a high level of competence in the BREEAM assessment process. It is aimed at architects, engineers and others with design skills and responsibilities.

The Role

BREEAM Accredited Professionals will provide the design team with expert advice on built environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment. They will facilitate the team's efforts to successfully schedule activities, set priorities and negotiate the trade-offs required to achieve a target BREEAM rating when the design is formally assessed.


Successful candidates will be able to use the endorsement "BREEAM Accredited Professional" and will be eligible for listing in the BRE Global "Green Book". Designs can be awarded additional credits when a BREEAM Accredited Professional has been engaged to support the design process.

Skills and knowledge required

  • Sustainability in the built environment
  • Broad understanding of BREEAM assessment criteria and process
  • Environmental Design / Integrated Design
  • Appreciation of Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Analysis

Background Experience

  • At least three years post graduate (or equivalent) professional experience working in a role covering the sustainability of the built environment - candidates will ideally have design team involvement on a number of projects where sustainability was part of the project brief e.g. a target to achieve at least BREEAM Excellent for the completed design
  • Knowledge of environmental design / integrated design with an appreciation of life cycle assessment and cost analysis 

Qualification requirements

  • Recognised academic / vocational qualification in a relevant built environment discipline
  • Appropriate professional membership
  • Minimum levels of work experience and on-the-job training can be considered as an alternative to formal qualification

Who can become a BREEAM AP?

- Qualification Route (Please see details)- Licensed BREEAM Assessors: who are being offered a fast track to qualification by taking the BREEAM AP workshop and examination without first undertaking additional training. This route will be suitable for Assessors who already have well developed knowledge and skills in built environment sustainability and environmental design.

Demonstrating competence

Candidates will be required to attend the workshop and pass an examination to demonstrate the required level of knowledge of sustainability, environmental design and BREEAM assessment. BREEAM AP 1 day workshop and examination:

  • Engage with the role of being a BREEAM AP
  • Practical steps to be taken
  • Key implementation principles
  • Effective facilitation of the creation of truly great buildings
  • Candidates will apply and share their expertise in a series of individual and team exercises
  • 90 mins BREEAM AP examination (download BREEAM AP Examination Syllabus), the examination is based on BREEAM 2011 Scheme.

Please note:the workshop is not designed to directly help candidates pass the exam (your skills and knowledge and recommended reading are the preparation for this). The initial workshop/examination fee includes entry to two attempts at the examination.  Any further attempts required will attract a new examination entry fee of £150 + VAT. The examination is computer based and instructions will be provided to candidates ahead of the examination date. The pass mark is 65%, subject to moderation.


Workshop/Examination: £675 + VAT

Annual Subscription

There is an annual subscription of £250 +VAT for the Green Book Live website entry and access to the process note.

Fees are subject to change without notice.

Event programme

Examination Syllabus

Please click here to download the BREEAM Accredited Professional Examination Syllabus.

Reference Sources and Reading material

Please click here to download the reading list for this examination.


I am a qualified BREEAM Assessor and undertook BREEAM training prior to the 2011 scheme launch, but have not been an active assessor since my training, therefore I have not received the "BREEAM 2011 Update" training, can I become a BREEAM AP?

Yes, you can become a BREEAM AP, however you will need to receive  BREEAM 2011 training before undertaking the BREEAM AP exam.  Details of this course will be available at www.breeam.org. The current examination is based on the BREEAM 2008 scheme documents, including technical details and operational processes. From Janauary 2012, the examination will be based on BREEAM 2011 scheme documents.

I am a Code for Sustainable Homes / EcoHomes Assessor can I become a BREEAM AP?

Yes, however currently the AP qualification is primarily for supporting the BREEAM assessment process.  . Training dates for all those who would like to become a BREEAM AP including Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes Assessors is now available


Please click here to view the BREEAM AP Frequently Asked Questions.


Intended audience


To view a BREEAM AP case study please click here.

For more information:
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