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BREEAM In-Use Training - This event has already finished

27 November 2012
BRE Watford

A one day training course to assess existing buildings.

Details :

BREEAM In-Use is a new scheme to help building managers and owners reduce the running costs and improve the environmental performance of existing buildings.  The scheme will use an on-line assessment tool which can be completed by managers and owners to self-assess their buildings. These self-assessments will have to be audited by independent auditors before certification can be granted. To carry out BREEAM In-Use audits you need to attend a one day course, pass the examination and take out a BREEAM In-Use licence. 

This course is available only to the following individuals:

  • Existing BREEAM Assessors and BRE Global accredited Non Domestic EPC, and DEC assessors currently exclusively registered with BRE schemes.
  • Those with at least two years' experience in one or more of the following professions: Building surveying, Building regulatory (control) services, Facilities management.

BREEAM In-Use is currently only available for assessments made against UK based assets. BREEAM In-Use International is currently underdevelopment and will be available shortly

Event programme

This one day course will look at:

  • Background to BREEAM In-Use, BREEAM new buildings and energy certificates
  • Assessment methodology
  •  Evidence gathering and verification
  •  Certification process
  • Scheme rules, and quality assurance

The format of the training course will be based on a combination of presentations and interactive workshops. All candidates successfully completing the course will receive a licence to operate as a BREEAM in Use assessor.

Please note that if you are wishing to become a qualified and licensed BREEAM In Use assessor you will need to complete the following process:

  • an examination taken at the end of the training day and
  • submit an application form for licence after you have successfully passed the examination. 

To undertake assessments for each of the schemes you will need to take out a seperate licence for each. If you wish to become a licenced assessor then please contact us at: breeam@bre.co.uk for our licence fees.

Intended audience

This training course is specifically designed for: 

  • Non Domestic BREEAM Assessors
  • Domestic BRE Code Assessors
  • Non-Domestic Energy Performance Assessors * When booking please enter your BRE registration number when booking failure to do so will result in your booking being refused
  • Display Energy Certificate Assessors *When booking please enter your BRE registration number when booking failure to do so will result in your booking being refused
  • BRE Global Fire Risk Assessors
  • Those with 2 year's experience in Building surveying, Building regulatory (control) services or Facilities management * When booking you will be required to provide BRE with a copy of your CV to demonstrate your experience. Please have this ready to send. If we do not receive this your booking will be refused.

For more information:
Training & Events Team
+44(0)1923 664462