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Surface Water Run Off Part 1 & 2

These webinars have been designed specifically to assist with understanding the Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guidance - November 2010.  Other schemes that can also benefit from the information published in both webinars are BREEAM 2011 New Construction and Domestic Refurbishment.

Presented by Charlotte Hardy, Consultant, BREEAM Housing Group

Details :

Reasons why the Surface Water Runoff criteria is so important

A worked example on how to apply the Sur 1 criteria

Why sign up

  • Learn about the Policy Background
  • Understand the principles behind the Sur 1 criteria and how they are assessed
  • Understand the Mandatory Requirements for this issue and the thought process to be applied when designing a system
  • Learn more about Sustainable Drainage solutions (SuDs), their importance and how they should be applied
  • Explore possible solutions to meet the ‘Peak Rate’ and ‘Volume’ requirements including infiltration techniques and rainwater harvesting
  • Understand the importance of water quality and why this is part of the criteria
  • Understand the principles behind the SUR 2 criteria


Intended audience

  • Developers
  • Design Teams
  • Engineers and Drainage Engineers
  • Landscape Designers
  • Any other stakeholders involved in building or designing dwellings to meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes

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