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Display Energy Certificates for Public Buildings - This event has already finished

1 - 7 June 2012
Distance Learning

Qualification and Experienced Practitioner Routes to Accreditation - 2 day course plus on-line assessment and distance learning programme.

Details :

Public authorities, and institutions providing public services, occupying buildings which are frequently visited by the public must display a certificate showing the energy performance of the building. The regulations apply to buildings where the floor area exceeds 1000m2. In Jan 2013, this has extened to buldings where floor area exceeds 500m2.

Display Energy Certificates provide information to visitors about the energy performance of these buildings. This raises awareness of energy use in our public buildings and allows public authorities to show, over time, the benefit of the measures they are implementing to reduce their environmental impact. They will be helped in this by the Advisory Report that accompanies the DEC.

The Advisory Report details a range of possible measures that might be implemented to improve the energy performance of the property. Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports can only be prepared by qualified and accredited Public Buildings Energy Assessors. BRE Training is offering a comprehensive programme of training and assessment leading to the Level 3 Diploma in Display Energy Certificates.

This qualification will be the basis of your accreditation as a Public Buildings Energy Assessor and will allow you to take advantage of the business opportunities presented by the requirement for DECs. 

Event programme

Part 1: Distance Learning Programme

  • The principles behind the Operational Rating, the Display Energy Certificate and the Advisory Report
  • Identifying the building to be assessed
  • Building activities and benchmark categories
  • Occupancy levels
  • Measurement of energy use
  • Energy measurement periods and alignments
  • Dealing with renewables
  • Generating the Certificate and Advisory Report using software
  • Energy Consumption Metering and Interpretation

Part 2: Building Services and Walk Round Survey workshops (2 days):

Dependent on background and experience, you may need to attend the following workshops at Garston, Watford:

  • Basic principles
  • Heating systems - heat generation and distribution
  • Comfort cooling systems
  • Hot water provision
  • Controls
  • Lighting
  • Sources of information

Once your training is complete you will move into a period of assessment where you will demonstrate the practical application of the knowledge you have gained and provide evidence of your ability to practise competently as a Public Buildings Energy Assessor. 

If you have qualified as a Building Energy Assessor to produce Asset Ratings and Energy Performance Certificates for non-domestic buildings you will already possess some of the skills needed to produce DECs and Advisory Reports. This allows you to take up Part 1 of the programme only, saving you valuable time and lowering costs.


Training & Assessment Fee:  £1,845+VAT 

Top up course for Non-domestic building EPC Assessors (BREG Accreditation Member): Training Fee: 100 Myrewards Points (Please book via the Members Area Website where details of  Myrewards is available) plus ABBE Registration, Examination and Assessment Fees:  £1095+VAT


Top up course for Non-domestic building EPC Assessors (Non-BREG Accreditation Member):  £1395+VAT


Additional Training for APEL route applicants (Distance Learning Programme, subject to APEL application approval): £300+VAT (booking form)

For further details of APEL route to accreditation, please click here





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