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Fire Stopping and Compartmentation

31 May 2018
BRE Academy Watford
Online price £295.00 per person , plus VAT.

Training for Inspectors

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Date Venue Availability
28 February BRE Academy Watford Sold out
15 March BRE Academy Watford Limited availability
4 July BRE Academy Watford Available
Details :

Fire stopping and compartmentation is constructed to prevent the spread of fire to or from another part of the same building, or an adjoining building.

Compartmentation subdivides the building into areas of manageable risk, to provide adequate means of escape, and to provide fire separation for adjoining buildings.

The fire resistance of a fire compartment wall or floor is defined in time in minutes and requires fire integrity and fire insulation.

This course provides an overview of fire stopping and compartmentation, what the regulations require and how to carry out an inspection.

Event programme

The course covers:

  • The definition of fire stopping and compartmentation?
  • Building Regulations and Regulatory Reform Order.
  • Evidence of fire performance.
  • Fire stopping product selection criterion.
  • Fire stopping products and systems. Generic types.
  • Definitions
  • Reference and background information.
  • Inspection of fire stopping.
  • Key points of inspection.
  • Case studies
  • Definitions
  • Reference and background information.

Intended audience

Those that are required to install, maintain and inspect fire stopping and compartmentation.

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Online price £295.00 per person , plus VAT.