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BRE Innovation Parks Network First Convention of Partners

5 March 2018
BRE, Watford, UK
Online price £FREE per person

Event programme

Proposed agenda*

Day 1 Monday 5 March 2018   

09.30   Registration
10.00 Welcome and introductions
10.10 Keynote speaker #1
10.40 Keynote speaker #2
11.00 BRE Innovation Parks Network-UK perspective
11.30 Break
12.00 Brazil Innovation Park
12.20 Canada Innovation Park
12.40 China Innovation Park
13.00 Lunch and walk around BRE Innovation Park

Workshop 1: Common themes

Each country presents its top three themes that are relevant nationally (i.e. in the country where their Park is located), and which could be 'tackled' on their Innovation Park (5X5 minute presentations; UK, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China).  These themes can be provided in advance of the meeting.

Themes will be 'mapped' and discussed by all partners - can these be distilled to identify 1-3 themes that can be tackled across the Parks Network?




International support/funding opportunities


Group discussion


Closing comments and plan for day 2


Close and networking

*Final agenda will be confirmed in advance of the event

For more information:
Jackie Reilly

Online price £FREE per person