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It's about time: Time management for today's world Webinar - This event has already finished

5 September 2017
(Free for members)

Details :

Time is a rich resource we all have, yet some people feel they never have enough time. This webinar will help you focus on the things that deliver results, whilst keeping tight control of time stealers. More importantly you will start to understand your own attitude to time and avoid been given the run around by others.

The reality is that you can’t manage time – it is a finite resource. You can however learn how to maximize your time efficiently and effectively to achieve your goals. Prior to attending the webinar please complete the questionnaire in the download section and bring your overall score to the webinar.


Event programme

During this one hour webinar you will learn how to:

  • Establish effective Goals and Priorities for the short and longer term.
  • Balance your personal and professional life more easily.
  • Understand attitudes to time.
  • Identify and avoid things that waste your time.
  • Improve your communication and assertiveness skills.

Intended audience

Anyone who is constantly surprised by how fast deadlines approach; suffers from e-mail or technology overload; struggles to balance home and work life; finds it difficult to manage all their commitments; wants to feel more in control of their own time. In summary If you think you don’t have time to attend this webinar, then this session is for you!!

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