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Constructing Excellence Annual Conference 2017 - This event has already finished

12 December 2017
The Tower of London

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Towards Industry 4.0

The following free or discounted places are available (subject to availability). For discount codes please email laura.cox@bre.co.uk 

  • Constructing Excellence National members - 2 free places then 50% off further tickets
  • Constructing Excellence Regions  - 1 free place then 50% off further tickets
  • Constructing Excellence Clubs - 1 free place then 50% off further tickets
  • G4C committee members - free places
  • G4C members - 50% off

Details :

This year’s Constructing excellence conference will embrace all things digital and take a long hard look at how the industry is embracing Industry4.0/the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Are we breaking down the walls that have for so long hindered innovation through bringing digital design, digital construction and pre-manufacturing into the heart of so much that we do?

Do we have the skills and infrastructure required to match the demands of the revolution? 

Are we as far behind the curve of other industries as we like to believe or is that construction as so often is the case unnecessarily giving itself a bad rep?

This year’s conference will bring together some lively and provocative speakers and panellists from across the built environment and the technology industry.  Throughout the day we delve into how the industry can ride the wave of revolution and emerge as a stronger, more attractive sector.

Event programme

09:15  Registration & Networking

10:00  Introduction - Generation4Change

10:05  Constructing Excellence 2017 Highlights - Don Ward, Director, Constructing Excellence

10:15  Industry Perspectives from Constructing Excellence Chairs - Phil Wilbraham, Heathrow Airport, Mark Farmer, Cast, David Whysall, Turner & Townsend

11:00  Networking Break

11:20  Panel discussion: Will traditional building methods become obsolete? - Adam Golden, IPA & Costain, Susan Hone-Brooke, The MTC

12:10  Q&A session

12:40  Lunch

13:40  Game - What can robots do for you?

14:00  Panel discussion: Is data the currency of the future? - Neil Thompson, Atkins, Rebecca Lovelace, Building People, Matt Richardson, McCarthy & Stone, Martin Ganley, BRE

14:50  Q&A session

15:00  Networking Break

15:15  Winner of game announced

15:20  Closing panel: reflection on the day and setting the question for the G4C conference

16:15  End

For more information:
Laura Cox
0333 321 88 11