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Urban Flood Resilience - This event has already finished

14 September 2017
BRE Watford


Details :

With 6 million UK homes at risk of flooding property owners facing difficulties getting adequate insurance, and property level flood resilience currently undocumented there is a wide scope for improving on the current situation.

A collaboration between BRE, Lexis Nexis, AXA and Liverpool City Council on urban flood resilience data integration has resulted in the Property Flood Resilience Database (PFR-d); a means for quantifying property level resilience based on the building and the resilience measures taken.

Come along to one of our workshops to find out more about UK flood risk and the roles of insurers, councils, property owners and databases...

The workshop will provide an overview of flood risk data, property flood resilience and flood insurance within the UK.  You will learn how all these elements have been brought together wihin the PFR-d to provide a means for assessing property flood resilience.

Talks from BRE, AXA, Lexis Nexis and Liverpool City Council on:

  • Property flood resilience
  • Data-set integration within the PFR-d
  • Insurance and flood resilience
  • Local authorities and flood resilience
  • Demonstration of the PFR-d tool and information on the property level surveyor training and certification schemes

Event programme


During the afternoon you will be provided with an overview of flood risk data, property flood resilience and flood insurance within the UK as well as a demonstration of the Property Flood Resilience database (PFR-d).

The aim is for this to be a series of talks and discussions, with each topic comprising of a talk and Q&A session.

13.30  Arrival, registration and networking

14.00  Welcome and introduction to the Property Flood Resilience Datase: Dr Stephen Garvin

14.20  Insurance and flood resilience:- Rob Dakin, AXA Insurance

14.45  Local authorities and community flood resilience: - Paul Byrne, Liverpool City Council

15.10  Coffee break

15.30  Data-set integration within the PFR-d and Demonstration of the PFR-d: Dermot McNally, Lexis Nexis, Dr Stephen Garvin, BRE

16.10  Discussion

16.30  End of seminar

Intended audience

Property Owners, Insurers, Local Authorities, Surveyors, Architects, Flood Protection Agencies, Government, Environment Agencies

For more information:
Jackie Reilly
01698 262193