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The Power of Partnership and Collaboration: How To Influence Without Authority Webinar - This event has already finished

23 May 2017

Details :

Humans are social beings who function best in groups and communities, however Harvard Business Review, Deloitte, Gallup confirm virtual matrix management and cross functional teams are the new way of working. This requires increased collaboration to break down local loyalties, vested interests, and build trust. When done effectively collaboration leads to increased engagement, career success, improved leadership capabilities and better business performance. Collaboration is based on the following principle “If you want to interact with me, to influence me, you first need to understand me” Stephen Covey, author of the 7 Habits series

Event programme

During this one hour webinar you will learn the following:

  • The mindset and principles required to effectively partner
  • A model and some simple tools to help you collaborate and influence
  • An insight into the key behaviours and skills required.  

This webinar lays the foundation for you to identify the key partners you need to build successful partnerships with and know how to draw people towards you to create successful alliances.

 You also have the opportunity then to sign up for our 1 day intensive workshop. The workshop will provide an opportunity to practice and develop core skills, supported by personal feedback and coaching.


Webinar begins at 11:00

Intended audience

We welcome anyone to this webinar who would like to become more effective at collaborating and influencing, both inside and outside work.  

For more information:
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