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Approved Certifier of Design (Section 6 - Energy) for Non-Domestic Buildings Part 3 Assessment and Examination (Scotland) - This event has already finished

25 April 2017
BRE Scotland

Details :

Part 3 of 3 (SBEM Assessment and Exam) - Day 4


A comprehensive 1 day assessment and examination programme, tailored to meet the entrance requirements for an Approved Certifier of Design (ACD), delivered in selected venues across Scotland.


Event programme

PART 3 - Day 4 will deliver the following:

  • Multiple choice exam related to SBEM, building regulations, building standards including section 6, certification and understanding of the scheme. SBEM practical – case study 1
  • SBEM practical – case study 2
  • Written questions on certification and the role of the certifier

For more details of the programme of training being offered by BRE visithttps://www.bre.co.uk/energyrating/training.jsp

BRE's comprehensive ACD training is delivered in three parts. You must register and pay for each part separately


BRE's comprehensive Approved Certifier of Design  training is delivered in three parts as outlined below.  For more details of the related training visit https://www.bre.co.uk/acd/events.jsp

You will need to register for each part separately. 





Part 1


This training will provide an introduction to SBEM and the iSBEM software (its inputs, calculations, conventions, and outputs) assisting you to 
become a competent Approved Certifier of Design.

Part 2

ACD Training

Mandatory training - The Role of the Certifier.

Part 3

ACD Exam / Assessment

Mandatory and must be taken in conjunction with Part 2


Link to web page for ACD for Non - Domestic: http://www.bre.co.uk/acd

Main link to ACD web page: http://www.bre.co.uk/acd/page

Intended audience

  • Professionals wishing to become an Approved Certifier of Design (Section 6 - Energy) for Non-Domestic Buildings (e.g. M&E consultants, architects, building surveyors, energy assessors and designers, developers, etc.)

  • Building designers and consultants with a basic understanding of non-domestic building energy use, design and building services

  • Building Standards practitioners wanting to specialise in energy calculation and Section 6 compliance



For more information:
BRE Academy Scotland
01355 57600