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Design Community Workshop : Materials Choices in Buildings Design: Reducing Risk & Increasing Value - This event has already finished

22 February 2016
The Crown Estate, 16 New Burlington Place, London, W1S 2HX

Delivered by Leadership Intelligence and APRES, developed by BRE, Loughborough University and Sustain Worldwide

This workshop is aimed at architects, specifiers, M&E consultants, structural engineers, and project directors. 

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Details :

Indisputably, research has concluded, good early stages design inputs are critical to deliver positive sustainability outcomes in built assets. However, which specific inputs are required, the importance of ethical, responsible & resilient materials sourcing in the round, and what the benefits of engagement are and to whom is an ongoing debate. This workshop explores what good practice looks like & what's in it for you.

Event programme





Welcome and introduction to The APRES Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing

Prof Jacqui Glass, Associate Dean for Enterprise, Loughborough University


Resilient Sourcing - Supply chains fit for the future

Dr Shamir Ghumra, Associate Director Head of Responsible Sourcing, BRE


The client’s perspective: Integrating sustainability into the design process

Matt Giles, Head of Development and Project Management  – The Crown Estate



The client’s perspective: Why multi-disciplinary collaboration is essential to deliver sustainable building outcomes

Lydia Dutton, Project Manager (Environmental) -  Argent


Part 1: Which Manifesto pledges can be implemented in the short, medium and long term



Refreshments and networking



Part 2: Which 3 pledges should be the priorities and which provide opportunities for the most impact



Conclusions and close

Prof Jacqui Glass

The APRES Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing will be used through this workshop and wider Leadership Intelligence activity to energise the debate around ethical, responsible and resilient sourcing in construction supply chains, encouraging a collaborative and dynamic dialogue, both within the industry and beyond.

  1. Procure labour, materials, products and services only from organisations demonstrating and implementing zero tolerance to bribery and corruption.
  2. Adopt the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code and work collaboratively with all supply chain organisations on its implementation.
  3.  Evaluate and address together the economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges and impacts of sourcing labour, materials, products and services.
  4. Demonstrate a traceable and transparent supply chain for labour, materials, products and services.
  5. Benefit the health, safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders including the natural environment.
  6. Demonstrate materials are of legal origin.
  7. Optimise social, environmental and economic impacts and opportunities of complex/manufactured products over their entire lifecycle.
  8. Design, specify and procure materials, products and services with the greatest circular-economy benefits.
  9. Specify and procure using credible and recognised responsible sourcing and certification schemes, where available.
  10. Foster and communicate a business culture of openness, collaboration and accountability in order to achieve and demonstrate the principles of this Manifesto.


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