PhD projects at the BRE Trust Centre for Sustainable Engineering at Cardiff University

The BRE Trust Centre for Sustainable Engineering at Cardiff University is carrying out a range of research covering topics such as BIM, energy modelling, water modelling and resilience.  Posters ofPhD candidate research projects can be downloaded below: 

2035 Oil and Gas Infrastructure Pathways for Iraq, Kraidie

2050 Energy and Carbon Emissions Pathways: Modelling the cost of decarbonisation, Kumar Debnath 

A Cloud-based BIM Governance Platform for Facilitating Team Collaboration during Construction Projects, Eissa Alreshidi

A Strategic Decision Making framework for Organisational BIM implementation, Keyu Chen

An ontological approach to energy management for buildings and their districts using artificial intelligence, Bejay Jayan 

An ontology - based holistic approach for multi-objective sustainable structural design, Shangjie Hou

Developing a BIM based Real Time Decision Making Framework for Highways Asset Management (HighwayBIM) Simon Lamb

Human behavior knowledge processing based on large scale computer games simulation for holistic design, Calin Boje

Maritime disasters management in Saudi Arabia, Arif Almutairi

Ontological Representations Towards Integrated Smart City Development and Data Analytics, Shaun Howell

Optimization of District Heating System for Future Smart Thermal Grid, Yu Li

Smart Algorithms, Models, Interfaces for Virtual and Self Learning Semantic Building Management Systems, Jonathan Reynolds

The Development of Urban Sustainability Assessment Framework for Iraq, Raed Ameen

The optimization of urban housing design for more sustainability in Baghdad, Iraq, Balsam A. Shallal

Towards energy positive districts underpinned by BIM level 3 semantics – Corentin Kuster

Water behaviour modelling for efficient ICT-based water management in urban environments, Julia Terlet