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Video Highlights

The BRE Trust is carrying out a series of interviews with researchers from across the BRE group and BRE Trust Centres of Excellence to highlight some of the research that the BRE Trust is supporting.

Cardiff Urban Sustainability Platform - CUSP - Cardiff University

Find out more about the work of the BRE Trust Centre of Excellence at Cardiff University, Cities and districts stand at the forefront of sustainability objectives. This is increasingly being addressed by improving operational efficiency through smart city and intelligent management solutions.



Bridging the performance gap - Understanding predicted and actual energy use of buildings

Interview with Andy Lewry from BRE Housing & Energy team. Building operators need to understand both predicted and actual building energy use as buildings rarely perform as well as their designers predicted. Energy consumption and costs can be as much as double what was expected and the difference has become known as the performance gap.

Understanding how wild fires spread and quantifying their impact

Interview with Professor Albert Simeoni BRE Research Chair of Fire Safety Engineering at the University of Edinburgh talks about understanding how wildland fires spread and qualifying their impact.

Visual alarm devices - their effectiveness in warning of fire

A study of the effectiveness of Xenon and LED flashing visual alarm in attracting the attention of people at risk from a fire led by Raman Chagger of the BRE Fire & Security Division

Development of a standard for personal fire protection systems for life safety

Nigel Firkins (BRE Global) previews his talk on the development of a standard for personal fire protection systems for life safety.  This standard aims to address the challenges of vulnerable people who account for around one third of fire related deaths.

The Hive – An Introduction

Interview with Dr Mike Lawrence from the BRE Centre for innovative construction materials at The University of Bath's 'The Hive' test centre.  The Hive is a test facility opened in 2014 to test the resilience of sustainable materials.