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BRE Trust research

BRE Trust commissions and supports research in the built environment for public benefit through the BRE group of companies and the wider construction industry.

All profits made by the BRE Group are gift aided to the Trust to fund a wide range of research and education programmes, many of which inform government policy and regulation on energy efficiency, sustainability, CO2 reduction and fire safety in the UK and across the world.

In 2011/12 BRE Trust expenditure on research was £3.17 million, compared with £2.93 million the previous year. These funds support the three key elements of the Trust's activities: research, publications and five university centres of excellence. In total, 46 projects are currently in progress and more than 180 have been supported since 2000. 

BRE Trust-funded research ensures that industry has access to the peer-reviewed, evidence-based information, knowledge and tools that it needs to ensure a healthy, safe and sustainable built environment.