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Airtightness testing services

With over 20 years of experience of airtightness testing, our expert team at BRE are able to help you at every stage of your building project.

Airtightness services include:

    • Design review
      • Check details crucial to achieving airtight fabric
      • It is essential that this is carried out as early as possible
      • Define air barrier
      • Identify materials
      • Identify trades responsible
      • Check material specification and suitability

    • Construction phase inspection
      • Check detailing on site
      • Discuss practical issues / buildability issues
      • Quality management


    • Airtightness test
      • To comply with Building Regulations Part L mandatory to pressure test all buildings with a floor area > 500m2
      • Worst acceptable air permeability level of 10m3/hour/m2 at 50 Pascal
      • Over 20 years of experience of airtightness testing
      The types of Buildings we pressure test include:
      • Hospitals
      • Airport terminals
      • Offices
      • Warehouses
      • Superstores
      • Retail
      • Schools and colleges
      • Dwellings
    • Very Large/complex buildings
      When a building is very large (for example Heathrow Terminal 5), or very complex, it may be impractical or impossible to pressure test the building using conventional methods to demonstrate compliance. Building Regulations Part L makes provision for such cases, of which there are only a few; - BRE has experience of dealing with these large and complicated buildings and is therefore well placed to:
      • Work with you and your Building Control body to devise a method to demonstrate compliance
      • Provide your team with a full and detailed review of drawings and details
      • Carry out third party inspections of construction on site
      • Part test pre-defined areas of the building

  • Air leakage audit  If your building has draughts we can help identify the air leakage paths and provide you with remedial sealing advice:
    • Identification of air leakage paths and advice on remedial sealing
    • Guidance on improved airtightness for existing buildings