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BRE Global reaches milestone in Scottish Approved Certifiers of Design Scheme Section 6 Energy 

BRE Global, with BRE Scotland, is delighted to announce a milestone in recruitment to the Approved Certifiers of Design Scheme, Section 6 Energy.  In the first full year of operation to December 2008 over 50 construction professionals have successfully completed the application and assessment process.  20 Certifiers are members of the Domestic Energy Scheme and over 30 are members of the Non-Domestic Energy Scheme.  See http://www.sbsa.gov.uk/register/ListAC.asp  for the list of Approved Certifiers).

Approved Certifiers of Design produce Certificates that are evidence that a building design is in accordance with Scottish building regulations for energy.  The issue of a Certificate of Design for Energy replaces the requirement for Building Standards Surveyors at the Local Authority to check the designs.

Approved Certifiers of Design can obtain a 10% discount on the building warrant fee.  The process of gaining building warrant consent is also significantly improved by faster processing of warrant applications by the Building Standards department of the local authority.  Approved Certifiers within BRE's Scheme also enjoy the following advantages:

  • All relevant training by leading experts in domestic and non-domestic energy modelling in the UK.
  • Full Certifier support in the marketing and execution of their work through the ACD Scheme Team.
  • The advantage of association with and membership of the world renowned BRE brand.
  • National recognition of individual competency.
  • A low-cost technical support platform on our web site (coming in spring 2009).

Scheme Manager, Stephen McKay says the Certification of Design for Energy Schemes allow construction professionals in Scotland to take control of their own design work at the building warrant application stage.  BRE offers high quality training and a tough assessment of competence.  You can be guaranteed that when you use a BRE Approved Certifier that your building really complies.

Building Standards Division at The Scottish Government recognises the effective delivery of the schemes and the steadily increasing number of Approved Certifiers and Approved Bodies.  Approved Certifiers are helping to raise standards and improve compliance levels across Scotland.

Dr Stephen Garvin, Scheme Director at BRE, says "As energy regulations become more stringent over the next decade the role of the Approved Certifier will become vital to ensuring compliance with energy requirements.  As we move towards low and zero carbon buildings BRE welcomes the opportunity to help develop the uptake of certification as it offers great potential to fill a potential skills vacuum.  Better energy standards are required in order to combat climate change and help Scotland meets its commitments to carbon reduction.

For more information on becoming an Approved Certifier, check the web site www.bre.co.uk/acd.

To find a BRE Approved Certifier of Design, check the Building Standards Division web site  http://www.sbsa.gov.uk/.