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BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification

This Level 2 BIM scheme requires the completion of an online application form with the application fee of £895, followed by a desktop assessment to ensure companies provide all necessary evidence that the policies and procedures are in place to deliver BIM Level 2. The last step includes an onsite audit to confirm compliance. Please note that additional application fees may be required for larger multi-site multi-disciplinary organisations. 

The Online application form requires the provision of information in regards to the following areas of your business:

  • Company Business and Structure
  • BIM Services Provided
  • Staff Professional Skills, Certification and Training
  • CAD / BIM Skills / Training
  • I.T. Strategy and Infrastructure
  • Software / CDE Tools
  • CAD / BIM Standards Methods and Processes
  • Compliance with EIR and BEP Documentation

BRE will then carry out a desktop audit of the documentation submitted and if the application is complete and considered eligible, then a quotation for an onsite audit is provided. If there are any questions regarding compliance a pre-audit can be arranged to provide clarification and guidance. The fee for the onsite audit is dependent upon the complexity of the audit which will be determined once a complete application has been submitted.

If you require further information relating to these costs then we suggest that you carry out the online application form to provide sufficient information so a detailed discussion about your requirements can be carried out.  For further information, please contact us at bim@bre.co.uk.

For help with completing this application form please watch our tutorial video