BRE Academy Skills Gap Survey

Construction currently contributes £92 billion a year to the UK economic output, with almost 3 million people working in the sector.

Growth in the domestic market and unprecedented growth in developing countries means that a talented, engaged workforce is critical for the future.

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Measuring the 'Boardroom to Building site' skills gap

It has been well reported that in this industry there is a growing concern around the level of education, development and skills, in addition to perceived 'lack of interest' in entering and choosing the construction industry as a career/profession.

As the leading training and development arm of BRE, the BRE Academy is working with industry specialists, academia and institutions to understand the issues around the perceived poor public image of the construction industry, the lack of gender diversity at all levels and how best to establish clear and appealing career pathways for young industry entrants.

We need to get a comprehensive picture of the UK’s true construction skills gap from senior leaders down to sub-contractors. This will help us to establish an accurate understanding of what skills are in short supply and what skills are needed for the industry, now and in the future.