BIM Training Stage 2: BIM PIM TIM

This is Stage 2 of our BIM Level 2 education pathway and is for individuals who will undertake the Project Information Manager (PIM) and Task Information Manager (TIM) roles within BIM Level 2 (as specified by PAS1192-2:2013).

Note: Completion of the BIM Fundamentals Qualification is a prerequisite for this BIM training

The course runs over two days & concludes with an open book exam. It costs £785 (exc. VAT) - see available dates and book now.

BIM PIM TIM course details

The Project Information Manager (PIM) and Task Information Manager (TIM) roles are concerned with the delivery of the information content against the Employers Information Requirement (EIR) using standards, methods and procedures that have been agreed across the design and construction teams.

The roles of PIM and TIM are similar except that PIM is the single point of agreement for data across all of the project teams, while the TIM is responsible for the delivery of data within their own team. PIM & TIM are combined together in this one course to enable the fundamentals of each role to be covered in detail.

What you will learn:

The two day course covers:

  • What are the benefits of BIM?
  • What are the blockers to collaborative working?
  • An overview of BS1192:2007
  • Common Data Environment
  • Standards, Methods and Procedures
  • CDE demonstration
  • What is the clash avoidance process?
  • Digital Plan of Work
  • Who owns the data?
  • What is the Volume Strategy?
  • Employers' Information Requirements
  • Data development, collection and delivery
  • Project Information Management Process
  • Project Information Management Task/work sheets

see available dates and book now

BIM Certification

After successful completion of the BIM PIM TIM examination you will be eligible to register to become a Certificated Practitioner. Giving you the leading edge against your competitors and your customers the confidence that you are compliant with PAS1192:2. This certification ensures that you meet – and continue to meet – appropriate standards, through a combination of regular audits and on-going CPD requirements. It helps you to provide the highest level of service to your clients.

Frequently asked questions about BIM PIM TIM

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