International BIM Pathway

Delivering the standard for BIM

Providing a consistent definition for BIM delivery internationally for those working in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry to commissioning clients, owners and facilities managers.

For over a century, there has been extensive research about current practices in construction and its failings. Building Information Modelling (BIM) was seen as a solution at a national level, however due to our international construction economy a globally consistent method is required.

BIM Level 2; an International definition for BIM

Get ready; Get informed

BRE Academy have developed a number of education courses specifically focused around supporting the adoption of BIM from an international perspective, developing their educational offering around existing and in development international (ISO) standards. Partnering with Alpin these courses are now available in the Middle East.

The courses take into account the emerging international information management standard, buildingSMART International standards, internationally recognised good practice, and other international developments such as the open BIM initiatives formed to facilitate interoperability

BIM International
This two day course provides you with a robust fundamental knowledge of BIM, which can be applied locally while still being consistent with the industry internationally.

BIM Information Management
Providing you with a robust practical knowledge of BIM focusing specifically on the information delivery cycle and the key documents developed within a BIM process, over a two day course.

Once you have trained in BIM

Become a BRE Academy BIM Member

You can join a community of individuals, where you can develop your skills, learn from others in different areas of industry, demonstrate your knowledge and add real value. For more information email us at

Become a BIM Level 2 Certificated

Practitioner Scheme

Provide your customers with the confidence that your services are compliant with PAS 1192:2 and will deliver what they need and expect to the highest level. Certification ensures that you meet - and will continue to meet - appropriate standards, through a combination of annual audits and on-going CPD requirements. Applicants must have completed the BIM International and BIM Information Management training. For more information email us at

BIM Certification for business

Demonstrate your compliance to your clients. BRE Global also offer BIM Certification for businesses against PAS 1192:2 2013, providing an independent third party assessment. The pre-assessment provides you with a clear indication of any areas which may need attention before certification can be granted. For more information email us at