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BRE Ventures

Bringing innovation to life.

BRE Ventures is all about innovation - the successful exploitation of new ideas. Our role is to bring together innovators, networks and funding streams and leverage these against BRE Group's world-class expertise and facilities to bring innovation to market quickly. Our deep understanding of the technologies, regulatory framework, supply chains, manufacturers and end user makes BRE Ventures unparalleled when it comes to taking new ideas to market or if you are searching for new IP to help gain a competitive edge.

BRE Ventures' pipeline of ideas has a strong focus on clean and green technologies but the need for innovation in the built environment encompasses smart sensors, air quality, radio frequency shielding, novel materials and much more - any idea that the broad skills of the BRE Group can help with. We draw on the knowledge, resources and networks of the Group and shares in its values of trust, integrity, independence and delivering exceptional customer benefits.  

BRE Ventures brings the following capabilities together under one roof to integrate the many aspects of innovation and deliver a smooth risk free process:

  • evaluating new ideas
  • technology audits
  • identifying end-user technology needs
  • technology due diligence
  • advice on intellectual property management
  • market research
  • management and delivery of research and development
  • support in securing funding
  • bid preparation
  • identification and introduction to prospective partners/end users
  • regulatory advice
  • demonstration and in-use trials.

Got a good idea? .... Step by step how we work

The first BRE Ventures Innovation Award has been presented to James Popper for his ‘CookerSmart IR Kitchen Flame Detector', a fire detection system designed specifically for the kitchen which overcomes the false alarm problems of smoke detectors.

BRE Ventures Innovations