BRE Group: Sustainable construction of buildings

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Sustainable construction of buildings

We offer sustainable design, construction and management advice for all types of building from homes to hospitals, and schools to corporate headquarters.

Internationally recognised as the developer of key sustainability standards, codes and methodologies such as BREEAM, our expert team will help you to reduce the environmental impacts of the design, construction and use of your buildings over their entire life cycles. Our leading-edge sustainability initiatives include:

BREEAM - since we developed BREEAM - the first and most widely used sustainability standard for buildings - it has become a blueprint for sustainability all over the world, and a means of improving the environmental performance of all building types. The incomparable experience gained over twenty years of continually developing the BREEAM family of schemes, can now help with all of your building sustainability issues.

Building material assessment - we have developed standards against which the environmental impacts and responsible sourcing of buildings materials and components can be assessed and certified.  Green Guide Online provides details of the life cycle environmental impacts of construction materials and components, and the Green Book is a free online database of products and services.

BRE Innovation Park - our Innovation Park comprises an extraordinary set of full-scale buildings. These  include several highly sustainable houses that demonstrate a range of strategies for complying with the Code for Sustainable Homes, and address specific sustainability issues such as energy, water, natural resources and waste.You are welcome to visit the Innovation Park to see the more than 300 technical innovations on display.

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