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Report: Domestic energy fact file

Domestic energy factfile - energy efficiency of the British housing stock.

The purpose of this report is to gather together in one volume data on important trends related to domestic energy use, and in particular on the measures that have been taken to improve energy efficiency. Most of the tables relate to total housing stock and will be mainly of use to Government Departments and others interested in research or planning at that level. The reports cover the period from 1970 (just before the first oil crisis) until the present.

The series consists of a main fact file with figures for the GB housing stock. This has a full explanation of the background behind the topics covered and includes information that is only available at the GB level.The other two fact files break the data down by tenure (owner occupied, council rented, private rented and registered social landlord) and country (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

The current versions of all three are listed below and can be downloaded free. Previous versions can be purchased from the BRE bookshop.

Domestic energy fact file 2008 - the main fact file

Domestic energy fact file 2007 - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Domestic energy fact file 2006 - with data categorised by tenure types

The historical role of energy efficiency in reducing carbon emissions from UK housing stock 


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