The future of sustainable housing: creating a new standard

In the wake of the recent government review of housing standards, BRE is developing a voluntary sustainability standard for new homes that will allow developers to differentiate their product in the marketplace by recognising performance beyond minimum regulation and provide increased quality and choice for the consumer.

Our vision of homes for the future

The new standard will be developed for the UK markets and can be adapted for specific local circumstances. It will use an easy to understand, consumer focused rating system. It aims to tackle the performance gap issue, ensuring that the home is performing as designed and if not to recommend a course of action the home owner can take.

Identifying the critical issues

We’ve identified what we believe to be the critical issues we need to address in future housing delivery  

  • resilience to adverse and extreme weather
  • mental and physical health & wellbeing of occupants
  • resource efficiency
  • increased biodiversity
  • low energy, water and maintenance costs
  • improved connectivity

but we’d like to hear your views….

Have your say

Our initial consultation period has ended, thank you to all those who responded.  We had responses from a diverse group of individuals and organisation with a  range of positive comments that we will be taking forward.

Below you will find the original consultation page and a summary of the responses received from it. We hope it will prompt more people to contribute to the themed events we will be holding over the coming months, which will feed into the development of the new standard.


Consultation call for responses
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Consultation : initial response summary
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We continue to welcome comments in the ways outlined in the document and this page will be updated with the next steps on developing the new standard.


Last updated 24 September 2014



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