BRE Group: Construction troubleshooting and building investigations

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Construction troubleshooting and building investigations

With expertise in every aspect of buildings and their construction, we can help you to prevent and solve problems wherever they arise, from corrosion in concrete bridges to crumbling façades in office buildings.

Our services are tailored to your needs. You may want advice on problem prevention or the diagnosis of existing problems and their causes, or a fuller range of services leading to the remedial and further actions needed to put the situation right. Issues we can help with include:

Renders, plaster and mortars - we advise on material selection and design issues to minimise problems. Where problems have occurred, our experts diagnose them, analyse the causes, recommend remediation actions, and offer an independent view of responsibility and expert witness services.

Floors - we work with contractors to ensure that floor screeds and coverings are correctly specified and detailed to minimise potential problems. When floor coverings fail we can review the floor structure as a whole to ensure the correct cause is identified.

Roofs and roofing material - our experienced team will advise you on the design and specification of roofs. With a full understanding of all roof types and roofing materials, we can diagnose any problems arising and suggest the best remedial measures.

Façades - successful façade design requires an understanding of all forms of construction, combined with up-to-date knowledge of materials. We provide technical assessments of façades, offer advice on the buildability of designs and help with solving problems.

Stone consultancy services that can be utilised at any point in a project from stone selection through to problems in the service of a building. Our consultants will investigate all aspects of a building to find the root cause of any problem.

Coatings - we advise on appropriate coatings for any material and situation, and remedially, we provide best practice guidance.

Corrosion - the deterioration of metals used throughout the building industry can lead to faults that are often misdiagnosed with serious consequences. Our experts identify the problems and solutions, and act as expert witnesses where the cause of a fault is disputed.

Expert witness - BRE also provides a seamless, multi-disciplinary approach to technical arbitration, dispute resolution and bespoke expert witness services.
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