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BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification

We help you achieve BIM recognition in the industry 

This BRE BIM Level 2 certification scheme assesses business capability to utilise advanced 3D modelling tools and have the Standards, Methods, Procedures, skilled staff and infrastructure in place to ensure strict compliance with the Government’s strategy, meeting the requirements of PAS 1192-2:2013 and section 4.2 table 8 of the PAS 91:2013 prequalification questionnaire document. 

BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification from BRE Global Ltd 


Why apply for a BIM Business Systems Certification?

  • Removes the requirement for the employer to carry out a BIM capability assessment
  • Demonstrates compliance with PAS 1192:2 2013 and the ability to meet BIM Level 2 requirements
  • Speeds up the tendering process, saving businesses time & money
  • Helps your company stand out from the competition, showing you are ready for business

The Certification covers the following areas:

  • Company BIM skills / training Record
  • Software Tools–– I.T. Strategy and Infrastructure
  • Compliance with PAS 1192 methods and processes
  • CAD / BIM Documentation confirming the above
  • Compliance with PAS91-2013 section 4.2 table 8

Quality Plan
Download our Quality Plan and Scheme Document to find out more about the BIM Certification process with BRE Global Ltd.

Apply online and get certificated


To be kept informed about the scheme, please provide us with your contact details here.


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