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Dr Julie Bregulla

Director of Fire & Building Technology

As Director of Fire & Building Technology, Julie is responsible for overseeing and developing work with UK and international clients that supports the performance evaluation of materials, systems and structures in the built environment.

Julie leads BRE’s structural integrity framework with the UK government and coordinates BRE’s specialist consultancy for the development of UK building regulations concerning structural robustness and safety. She is technical secretariat to the Building Regulations Advisory Committee Working Party for Approved Document A, sits on numerous UK, European, USA and ISO committees and represents the UK and BRE at several expert networks.
A Chartered Civil Engineer and visiting professor at the University of Bath, Julie specialises in structures, structural materials, fire, loading, robustness and reliability standardisation, and has worked on collaborative research and construction projects in Germany, the US and the UK. She has acted as principal site engineer in Germany and supported the University of Surrey structural engineering team before joining BRE.
Julie has published over 200 client reports, papers and presentations on various technical aspects of structural engineering, including the implementation of Eurocodes, particularly EN1990 and EN1995. Her research work to date has a particular focus on the structural fire behaviour of building materials and systems and her strategic work spans the development of regulations and regulatory guidance - including regulatory barriers to the use of innovative products in construction, robustness and reliability of structures, risk analysis and perception, and use of experimental methods in engineering practice.