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The Green Deal and BRE

Supporting successful delivery 

At BRE, we have been addressing the need to minimise energy used in homes since we were established in 1921. Data on the performance of homes, and the ways their occupiers use them has been a cornerstone of our research. It has been used to develop tools, training, testing and certification services in support of the Green Deal:

BRE Global are a Green Deal Approved Certification Body

BRE Global offer Certification for Green Deal Organisations, certification achieved through BRE Global is both rigorous and robust. Knowing that your business has met the challenge and demonstrated excellence will provide you (and your clients) with renewed confidence. Find out more about Green Deal Certification with BRE 

BRE Global and BBA (British Board of Agrément) have partnered to collaborate on and work within the Green Deal Framework for Installers & Energy Assessors wishing to operate under the new Green Deal scheme, for more information on this collaboration click here.  

Through BRE Training, we provide Domestic and Non-Domestic Green Deal Advisor qualifications and related energy assessor training.

BRE has tools to assess requirements
BRE's energy performance measurement tools SAP and SBEM have been adapted specifically for the Green Deal. These are being used by the scheme's providers to quickly and accurately calculate the improvements required for a property.

BRE can test and certify environmental products
Our testing and certification schemes can help to ensure that the best performing products and technologies are used. BRE Global offers UKAS accredited certification services for both installer and product approvals under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Through BRE Ventures, we can help innovators and inventors develop future products.

BRE has detailed knowledge of our building stock
BRE runs the English Housing Survey for the UK government and has an in depth knowledge of the type and quality of housing in every area of the country.

BRE understands what needs to be done
BRE developed and runs BREEAM, the international sustainability scheme which assesses and certifies building performance.  BRE runs the National Refurbishment Centre with the Energy Saving Trust and can pinpoint the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency of exisiting building stock.

BRE understands human behaviour
Our research projects include social research. Through schemes like BREEAM in Use we have developed the ability to predict and understand real world results taking behavioural factors into account.

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