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Retrofit Briefing

Retrofit Briefing is a regular e-publication from BRE and Centre of Refurbishment Excellence (CoRE) providing news, analysis and data on building retrofit and refurbishment.

Global economic and environmental pressures are adding impetus to the retrofit and refurbishment of homes, offices, retail premises and public buildings. That, in turn, is driving new policies, standards, innovations and opportunities for investment. This new publication aims to provide decision makers with key facts and figures for business, whether they are contemplating upgrading property, marketing new technologies or investing in the sector.

Annual subscription

The e-publication is published 10 times a year, with each issue comprising at least 8 pages. It is available on annual subscription (10 issues) in PDF format only.

Typical contents:

  • News and data on retrofit and refurbishment relating to residential, commercial and public buildings
  • Exclusive snapshot surveys of the sector
  • Expert analysis of key data
  • Focus on the new technologies that can save energy, improve building performance and reduce running costs
  • Listings of essential reading: new technologies, markets and policy
  • International insights

Sign up for a one-year subscription to Retrofit Briefing or view the first edition for free

For more information on CoRE please visit their website

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