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LPCB approved products and services

One of the challenges of making buildings safe and secure, is selecting and installing fire safety and security products that actually do what they claim.

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and government for more than 100 years to set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively. LPCB offers third-party approval confirming that products and services have met and will continue to meet these standards. This benefits both specifiers and manufacturers:

Specifiers selecting LPCB approved products reduce fire safety and security risks and demonstrate due diligence (the use of approved products is encouraged by insurers). They also avoid wasting money on purchasing inappropriate equipment, and save time spent on searching for and assessing products and services.

Manufacturers gaining LPCB approval can increase the value and sales of their products, because LPCB approved products are specified world wide and recognised for their ability to conform every time. In addition, third-party approval demonstrates due diligence and reduces liability for manufacturer - and their insurers and customers.

Find the Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) and details of LPCB approved products and services listed in the BRE Global Red Book and onlilne at Redbooklive.com

Red Books and RedBookLive.com

All LPCB approved fire safety and security products are listed in the Red Books. Published annually and used across the world, the Red Books have become the de-facto directory of approved and trusted fire and security products and services. They are also available on line at http://www.redbooklive.com/, where the lists are constantly updated with all the latest LPCB approval information.  

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