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Fire investigations



BRE Global and Fire Investigations UK LLP (FI UK) have joined forces to provide a comprehensive package of fire investigation services to clients.

The partnership brings together teams of experienced and qualified fire investigators, engineers and scientists capable of conducting a full and thorough investigation of any fire involving buildings, infrastructure, vehicles or vessels.

The partnership offers a 24/7 response throughout the UK to support clients from the moment an incident occurs through to the presentation of authoritative expert testimony. Fire investigation services offered will seek to establish the origin and cause of the fire and the reason for fire development which, as appropriate, can be supported by, reconstructions, fire modelling, fire testing and expert witness. The partnership will also assist with learning lessons from incidents through the provision of training.

Our experts investigate fires - often for government clients - to learn lessons, improve regulations and examine the performance of the structures involved and the management of the incidents. We also carry out fire investigations for insurers and provide independent, specialist help to other investigators.

Our services include:

Origin and cause - determining the area where the fire initiated and the ignition source

Site examinations - studying the fire site to provide expert advice on fire spread. We have investigated some of the most infamous fires: Bradford City Football Club, Kings Cross, Piper Alpha, Windsor Castle, Channel Tunnel and Mont Blanc Tunnel to name just a few.

Laboratory examinations - studying the fire behaviour of particular items to re-create the conditions in a specific fire.

Mathematical modelling -testing hypotheses and investigating unusual phenomena.

Database reviews - examining data from sources such as the UK Annual Fire Statistics to place the fires investigated into a broader context.

Cold case review - examining any previous case data, conducting a review of that data and any other available data to produce a final report of the findings.

Expert witness services - our highly qualified experts provide multi-disciplinary technical support, in-depth investigative analysis, independent reports and bespoke expert witness services.