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BRE Trust research programme

The profits made by the companies owned by the BRE Trust - BRE, BRE Global and BRE Ventures - are gift aided to the Trust and used to fund its research and educational  programmes. Through these the Trust works to advance knowledge, innovation and communication in all matters concerning the built environment. They include:

Research projects - more than 145 projects since 1999 on a very diverse set of built environment topics ranging from the use of renewable energy technologies to the refurbishment of Victorian buildings.

Research programme - a £1.5 million, three year programme of projects on the theme of ‘Low Impact Products, Materials and Processes'.

The NHBC Foundation - a partnership between NHBC and the BRE Trust which facilitates research and development, and technology and knowledge sharing relevant to the homebuilding industry.

PhD students - support for 30 PhD students, 19 of which are still active. Funding for five further PhDs has been agreed.

University Centres of Excellence - the Trust supports four Chairs at the BRE University Centres of Excellence:

Anyone wishing to suggest areas that would benefit from Trust funded research or publications can do so on the BRE Trust website at http://www.bretrust.co.uk/

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