Fire Research

Research, testing and investigation services on all fire issues concerning buildings, infrastructure and transport

With one of the largest and most advanced set of fire research facilities in Europe, we offer research, testing and investigation services on all fire issues concerning buildings and infrastructure.

Fire safety engineering - our expert team is at the forefront of the development of fire safety engineering guidance and associated standards and codes, and of the application of its principles to a wide range of buildings and structures. We can help you to develop fire safety design solutions that are effective, but do not impact unduly on the appearance or function of your building.

Experimental Facilities - with some of the largest fire testing facilities in the world, we can test, predict, and assess the fire performance of materials, products, buildings and infrastructure, and of fire safety and fire fighting strategies, guidance and legislation.

Transport - we research the fire risks and safety strategies associated with all forms of transport - road, rail, marine and aerospace - and their infrastructures, including tunnels, bridges, stations and airports. Recent research for the government, for example, has included an extensive study of the risks of fire spread in car parks.

Fire investigations -we investigate fires to learn lessons, improve regulations and examine the performance of the building and the management of the incident. 

CFD - we pioneered the original development and application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for predicting the spread of smoke and heat from fires, and have developed a number of computer modelling tools, such as JASMINE and CRISP.

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