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Alan Yates

Technical Director, Sustainability

Alan is the Technical Director of BRE Global's Sustainability Group and is responsible for overseeing all of the Group's work relating to sustainability of buildings, communities, materials and components.  In particular Alan has led the technical development of BRE's BREEAM (BRE's Environmental Assessment Method) methodologies for over 15 years and has worked closely with the Department of Communities and Local Government to develop the Code for Sustainable Homes based on BRE's EcoHomes method.  In the past he has worked on a wide range of environmental and sustainability focused research and dissemination projects including the development of BRE's Environmental Management Toolkits for existing buildings.

Alan is an architect with nearly 20 years experience in the design and development of environmentally sensitive buildings.  Much of this time has been spent working at a strategic level with the UK Government and construction industry and internationally to improve understanding, acceptability and performance relating to sustainability.  He sits on the ICE Environment and Sustainability Board and the RIBA Sustainable Futures Group and has contributed to a number of working groups on the future of regulation and standards in the area of sustainability in the built environment.

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